seance september 2021

  • This sitting was a return to a traditional red light seance, the only oddity was the presence of my dog but she was fast asleep for the entire period. The room we were sitting in has not been used for a formal seance before and I'm surprised by how well it functioned. Plans are afoot for our new permanent seance room and I'm sure our development will progress even further, when we're able to set aside our day to day lives completely.

    The voices we recorded in this sitting are exceptional in every way. Not only are the responses direct and pertinent, they are also as clear and as tonal as our own. Quite why a traditional seance atmosphere provides an easier environment for our communicators to speak we don't know, but we look forward to building on the success of this sitting.

    Tracey asks our communicators what they would like for the circle, aside from the planned seance room. The reply is rather ambitious to say the least.

    a house

    Mentally, I could hear a rather irate Chinese man shouting at me, but with only a very limited grasp of the lanuage, I had no idea of what was upsetting him.

    he's bad

    Matilda was fast asleep by the side of Tracey's chair and didn't wake for the entire sitting. Over the years our communicators have often commented on my dogs, it's nice to know they're happy to work with the lattest addition to the household.

    i won't disturb the dog

    This clip is very curious. We know Jack to be Welsh and have often captured his native accent, so why his voice sounds so different, is unknown. It may be that our minds act as a conduit, and colour the communications. This idea would explain why so many voices we capture in historical sites, sound remarkably similar in their age, sex and accent.

    i had to leave

    Directly before I explain why I had jumped out of my seat, I had felt such a jolt of energy that it was impossible to stay still.

    using ya

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