EVP Archive

  • May 2022

    With the return of a dedicated seance room, I was eager to sit alone as I had in our previous room, to see how it compared. Whilst there was undoubtably an unquantifable energy present, the atmosphere has yet to build but I sense it has potential. With the red light dimmed low, I was able to discern multiple minute moving white lights, none sadly lasting more than a second. In marked contrast to the group seance, there were no knocks or bangs and the house was remarkably quiet.

    Solo recordings made in the seance room are very different in character compared with my ITC experiments. There is little background noise and voices are easier to recognise and isolate. This being the first session, I did not expect to capture any class A voices but was delighted to be disproved. The overall quantity of captures was low but most responses were direct answers to my questions.