EVP Archive

  • September 2022

    It's been a long while, too long since I did a solo seance. This month I decided that it was high time to get back to the red light. And what an evening it proved to be. There were no light anomalies, or wavering of the light but multiple loud bangs and scuffles could be heard on the exterior wall. It was exactly the same noise, as heard on the previous sitting. At the time I was alone in the house, apart from Tilly the pup, who was with me in the room. Oddly, not one of the bangs was picked up by the sensitve microphone.            

    For those who aren't familiar with our groups' history, in 2005 we began sitting in a dedicated room, in my rural cottage in the Cotswolds. Although it was picturebox pretty and our room was perfect, it was awfully cold in the winter. I was sad to leave it but a change of location proved not to inhibit either the production of objective phenomena or the voices on recordings.

    If you've listened to the voices on this site, you'll be aware of just how clear and tonal the EVP I record are. In experiments held in white light, voices are commonly of a lesser quality; why this should be, has not been proven. In red light, be it a group session or a solo sitting, the clarity is consistently improved. Possibly the psychological state of those who take part is influential; the ritualism of the seance room inevitably does affect the behaviour we exhibit.

    For the last couple of months, I've been focused on revising how I clean and process EVP. As sound editing software advances, the ability to isolate and make clear our friends voices, becomes easier. Where once you needed specialist equipment, it's now possible on the desktop. I've also invested in new production equipment, so videos should have a better sound quality. When I've caught up with the videos currently waiting to be completed, I shall remaster the older videos. There's always plenty of work to be done, on top of the continuing study into the linguistics of EVP!

    Bringing together the benefits of recording in red light and my newly aquired skills of audio cleaning, the results this month are excellent. I plan on doing a short video in the future, to demonstrate how I process raw EVP.