EVP Archive

  • may 2024

    Sometimes it's the experiments when you don't have any expectation of success, that turn out to be the most inspiring, and intriguing. My collegaue joined me for a discussion on subjects that I rarely feature online, not for fear of ridicule, but from self critique. Personally, I would find it very difficult to believe that the communication we acheive is possible, despite my many years of experiences. Those featured here may not be clearest of voices compared with others in the archive, but they are worthy of study.

    The duration of our evening video call was just over two hours. As is usual, the recorder sat on my desk to my left side. As soon as Max joined me online, the batteries in my recorder died - they were new and had been freshly installed.

    After a few minutes our conversation turned to discussing Skinwalker Ranch and this is when things got very interesting. Not only was it very evident that someone was listening in to our conversation - there were tones of the call being joined - Max reported seeing an unrelated flashed image on his screen.

    When conversation moved to remote viewing, the Alaskan Dark Pyramid specifically, the interference increased. The male voices captured at this point demonstrate clear sentience and direct awareness of the topic under consideration. Who they are and where they are remains unknown.