Important Questions

  • The technical, a-religious approach our group embraces, is not common amongst physical circles or ITC operators. If God is a being that possesses the ability to communicate as some claim He can, our EVP library holds no entries to support His existence. Neither have we received any communication alluding to any denomination of god or a deity being in the position of an intelligent designer. Heaven has only one mention in 16 years, and hell has none; the name Lucifer (40) was captured during a séance, but I am not convinced it was anything more than an etherical jokester. Religious topics have very little mention in our archive, but there are numerous references to god (41,42); as I and group members are not followers of any faith, whom the deity is that speakers refer to, is open to interpretation.

    Regardless of our lack of faith, we have been requested by trusted communicators to initiate seances with a prayer to request protection and speakers may be heard to join in with the “Amen” (43). Although I would be happy to work without adhering to this request, I think it important that we show respect to those whom we work with, as they have actively demonstrated many times in the past, that they have our best intentions at heart. And ultimately on some subjects, we recognise they have a greater knowledge of forces we know nothing about, despite our scepticism.

    We have recorded numerous EVP of speakers expressing exasperation with my refusal to be intimidated by menacing threats of death and violence. Passing over appears not change your nature or temperament, and those who cannot bend us to their will, on a rare occasion, might successfully physically strike out. In one sitting, I felt a sharp poke in my eye, the EVP captured at the same time has a menacing tone, “So she has gone”, “Get out of the way” (44). In a more recent sitting, I experienced a piercingly sharp pain in my side. The EVP captured whilst I yelp, features the sound of a man cocking a gun as a speaker says, “Pull the trigger now” (45). When strikes do happen, the pain resolves quickly and I do not allow the interference to disrupt our session, we continue as usual until our scheduled time for closure. It should be noted that no physical blow has been delt to an innocent sitter; there was however one visitor who behaved appallingly and was winded; she did not return. I have no fear of etherical bullies, many of whom have been captured in seances, but knowing they can interact with us, I would encourage those who are of an overly nervous disposition not to experiment with EVP in isolation.

    I have no answer as to why those who were horrid before their death, are permitted to return. Hypothetically, one might argue if there is a God and a positive force, there must exist a balancing negative force, call it what you will. Humans as a species are capable of monstrous destruction; attributing their actions as the work of an evil deity may be common to many belief systems but I have no evidence to support this in my archive. My assumption based upon the voices of those I have heard, is that those who continue to be vengeful and carry hate, have chosen to be that way. Only when they tire of their anger and truly repent their actions, do they gain peace. We are each accountable for our own actions, why anybody might want to live an eternity of misery, is beyond my comprehension.

    One of the earliest recollections I have, is of my baptism into the Catholic Church, as a toddler. Every Sunday my father took me to mass; I enjoyed the ritual and pageantry, but I never developed faith in God. I am still drawn to the peace of a church or temple, and when empty I will record if I feel there to be a welcome atmosphere. Sitting in a small chapel, I became enveloped in the sensation of a warm hug and the voice of a lady, whose voice is thoughtful says, “confess her Sarah” (46). Because of heartening experiences and recordings such as this, I chose to dwell on the positive side of EVP research. When you begin to record as a group, as well as making new earthly acquaintances, you bring together an equivalent group of unknown communicators. It takes time for mutual trust to be achieved on both sides but when you hear it, the evidence of our continuation becomes unquestionable.

    Please note: the information on this page is an excerpt from my accepted BICS essay. You may download the full text here: CLICK